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School Events - Parents Comments

UNICEF Assembly Year 5 - 13th February 2019


A really inspirational story, beautifully performed. Well Done!



Brilliant work by Year 5 and all the teachers. Loved Malala and her father! Great singing. Great singing, you all should be very proud.


Well done! Lovely performance, nice clear voices and loved the singing.


Excellent assembly. Loved the topic relating to Malala. Children all did their parts really well, singing vibrant. Really made me think about how much we have i.e., education, housing, food, heating, clean water, list goes on and we take it for granted.



Parents invited to school lunch - 2018/2019


Lovely food, nice and helpful staff.



Delicious food, lovely environment and good time chatting to my son.



Good variety of food on offer.



The service was fab, lots of smiles. Food too was great, love the salad bar.


Excellent food and very friendly staff.



Great meal, good salad bar, good to see the children enjoying their food.




The lunchtime food at Chilcote is lovely and served with a smile. My daughter and I had a very enjoyable meal.



Amazing, perfectly cooked fish and chips with chocolate cracknel and custard.


Nursey and Reception Nativity 18-12-2018


What a fabulous show, the kids were confident and enthusiastic with great singing. Thank you.



It was absolutely brilliant, the kids and staff did a wonderful job, well done.



It was brilliant. Thank you for all your hard work.



Very good assembly, was amazed at how the children were saying their lines and behaviour was exceptional.




Mini Strings Concert for parents 26th June 2018


An absolute privilege watching children performing. Miss Hobbs doing an incredible job transferring and inculcating beautiful music skills in children as little as 6 and 7. Mrs Thomas is an absolute delight when it comes to creating all this passion and discipline.


It has been a pleasure to be able to come and se the children performing,. The have all made incredible progress. Thank you to all the teachers and members of staff who help with organising all the concerts and school events.



Father's Day Lunch June 2018


A lot better than I was at school. Lovely friendly staff, look forward to next year.


Thank you for a special lunch. Lovely to spend time at school with the little ones. They were so excited.


Fabulous lunch excellent atmosphere and a wonderful opportunity to seeing kids enjoying healthy meals.


Really lovely food, thank you and please pass on my thanks to staff in the kitchen.


Health food, nice atmosphere, great.





Unicef Assembly Year 5 2nd May 2018


Beautiful songs, really lovely theme.



Wonderful play, clear and proud voices. Lovely music choice.


Beautifully done, I loved the song at the end, all the children were brilliant.


Excellent assembly, loved the final song.




Mothers Day Lunch  9th March - 12th March 2018


Lovely food, good service and great idea.


Wonderful lunch, nice to see how they eat.


I have had a beautiful lunch with my boys. So nice to sit down and see them In their school environment. Very well organised. Thank you.


Lovely lunch and a lovely atmosphere.


Had a great time. Thank you for the opportunity.


Fantastic idea spending lunch with little one at school.


Lovely lunch, great to see the kids in their school environment and impressed with the organisation of lunch staff.


Thank you very much for organising this. It really was lovely and the daffodil was very thoughtful.


Thank you, it was a nice experience especially for the children.


Thank you for inviting the mums had a great lunch.


Lovely food and great to spend time with the boys. Thank you.


Year 1 Values Assembly - 14th February 2018


A wonderful opportunity to see the values in practise. Lovely singing



Had a fab time, the children were amazing. The play was really funny



We do forget how young these children are and they all performed excellently. Really enjoyed it



Open Day for Parents 2017-2018

I was very impressed with the Unicef work


Reception visit was wonderful good to see how the children are developing


Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed it



Year 4 open day was really good, I also learnt about the Egyptian Timeline


The Open afternoon was a great, to find out different ways the teachers help the kids to learn more and better.



Very impressed - obviously good teaching




A great opportunity to see the children in action. My children were very happy to showcase their work


Really enjoyed the Open Day, very well put together



Parents/carers invited to school for lunch - November -December 2017

Lovely lunch - sausage, chips and peas, yum!


Really lovely food and atmosphere. Thank you.


Lovely idea and food was fantastic.


Lovely, good to see what my child eats at lunch.


Lovely environment, love the salad bar idea 10\10.


Anti-Bullying Assembly Year 3 parents/carers comments - 20th November 2017


Very good anti bullying assembly, very emotional songs.


Amazing well done children and staff. Excellent, you rock children.


A great way to teach valuable lessons for both students and parents about anti - bullying. Great performance and singing.


Brilliant play, lots of lessons learnt. Thanks.


Music - Mini concerts parents and carers comments - December 2017


Concert was brilliant, really lovely to see the work they have been doing.


Very pleased to see the children trying and progressing well with practice.


Christmas Nativity Play December 2017


Absolutely fantastic. The children and staff produced a perfect production. Well done to all involved.


Completely exceeded our expectations! Can not believe how well the children performed and what Chilcote School has managed to get from them at such an early age! Thank you.


Great performance I've seen in the 3 years I've been here. Thank you.


Absolutely brilliant, the Disco song at the end with the stay glasses was amazing. Well done to all the children and the staff for all their hard work, one of the best nativities I have seen.


Really enjoyed the nativity. Well done to all the staff and children. Thanks.